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Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange logo.png
The Stock Exchange occupies a narrow site in Tokyo's securities district
Type Stock exchange
Location Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°40′57.60″N139°46′43.71″E
Founded 1878
Owner Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc.
Key people Taizo Nishimuro, Chairman
Atsushi Saito, President & CEO
Yasuo Tobiyama, MD, COO & CFO
Currency Japanese yen
No. of listings 2,292
MarketCap US$3.3 trillion (Dec 2011)[1]
Volume US$3.9 trillion (Dec 2011)
Indexes Nikkei 225

Source: Wikipedia

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (東京証券取引所 Tōkyō Shōken Torihikijyo?), called Tōshō (東証?) or TSE for short, is a stock exchange located in TokyoJapan. It is the third largest stock exchange in the world by aggregate market capitalization of its listed companies. It had 2,292 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of US$3.3 trillion as of Dec 2011.[1]


Prewar history

The Tokyo Stock Exchange was established on May 15, 1878, as the Tokyo Kabushiki Torihikijo (東京株式取引所) under the direction of then-Finance Minister Okuma Shigenobu and capitalist advocate Shibusawa Eiichi. Trading began on June 1, 1878.

In 1943, the exchange was combined with ten other stock exchanges in major Japanese cities to form a single Japanese Stock Exchange (ja:日本証券取引所 Nippon Shōken Torihikisho?). The combined exchange was shut down and reorganized shortly after the bombing of Nagasaki.

Postwar history

Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1950

The Tokyo Stock Exchange reopened under its current Japanese name on May 16, 1949, pursuant to the new Securities Exchange Act.

The TSE runup from 1983 to 1990 was unprecedented, in 1990 it accounted for over 60% of the world’s stock market capitalization (by far the world’s largest) before falling precipitously in value and rankings today, but still remains one of the 3 largest exchanges in the world by market capitalization of listed shares.

The trading floor of the TSE was closed on April 30, 1999, and the exchange switched to electronic trading for all transactions. A new facility, called TSE Arrows (ja:東証アローズ Tōshō Arrows?), opened on May 9, 2000. In 2010, the TSE launched its Arrowhead trading facility. [5]

In 2001, the TSE restructured itself as a stock company: before this time, it was structured as an incorporated association(ja:社団法人 shadan hōjin?) with its members as shareholders.


Osaka Securities Exchange

Source: Wikipedia

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