Trader Quote #4

Trader Quote 

“My philosophy is that losers have goals and winners have systems.” – Scott Adams 

==== I found this quote a while ago and tweeted it, but i want to post it up again. I am a strong believer of having and developing a system to trade. I guess i learnt it the hard way, losing money and accounts.  I use to have goals, like so much $$$ this week, $$$ for the year, but at the end of the day its relative and doesnt work. I have been using the system i created from strach which is based on simple Trigger Buy/sell rules with a 50 pip stop loss and the rest is history. This way, i have felt much better and even more confident, following the same setup rules every day, with risk management and let the markets decide the outcome. I even say that “if its simple & even boring, then we are on the right track, if its exciting & emotional , you’ve got a problem” (in trading only, not in life, lolz )D.F. ====
What do you think? Do you have a system in play? Do you follow your system 100%? Any good/bad experiences you can share?

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