Famous Traders – John Person

Famous Traders – John Person

John Person is a veteran of 32 years in the future, and Options Trading industry. He started on the ground in Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1979. It ‘was the premier stock exchange began trading foreign currencies. He had the privilege of working with George Lane, Stochastic an innovator. Follow John on Twitter

John worked his way as an independent dealer, trader agent, analyst and power in one of the largest discounts in Chicago / full-service business under the direct supervision of former president of the Chicago Board of Trade. John is the founder of NationalFutures.com e-learning site.
John shared the wealth of information on technical analysis, trading style and system. John addresses the people and the indicator of development of the PPS, and TD American Crafts think or swim trading platform. He has also developed indicators to trade in securities and trading station Navigator. He has taught thousands of traders, including members of most exchanges. He is the author of three books on national and international trade, and the three-day trading courses and seminar series on DVD. His latest book in the series, Freight Trader’s Almanac, is a tool for the treatment of seasonal adjustment aspects of commodity markets and the correlation between the ETF and the stock market.
Journalists Nations businessman named John the most respected for his views on the market. It is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, and appears regularly on CNBC as well. He is a sought-after speaker in many professional organizations such as the Market Technicians Association (MTA), the International Federation of Technical Analyst Society (IFTA) and offers lectures and seminars for some of the world’s best d National Investment Expos.
His second book has completely different level dealers. In his book, Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers + CD-ROM configurations for stocks, forex, futures and market focus has included a calculator, instructional videos and how and shops. It is a book that reveals the people behind John fundamentals a powerful symbol and the slope of the moving average method, which created the indicator PPS TD Shop America think or swim platform.
The third book won high probability forex systems and strategies, active traders, once again, John Wiley Publishers, broke currency traders in the country, including many types of vehicles, styles and how to combine FX trading Technical analysis of income and expenses, and goals. It starts with the commercial code and users of Genesis Trade Station.
In 1998, he developed his own system of proprietary trading and began publishing a “bottom-line financial newsletter and Future”, a weekly publication of the merchandise, which includes the development of fundamental and technical analysis, including details your business system, with joints, combined with candlesticks. Furthermore, John makes his clients on a personal research daily, weekly and monthly, including the numbers of daily weekly and monthly, and the Dow Jones daily report will be published on the website in the investigation and analysis of our site.
John’s thorough knowledge of the futures industry makes him qualified to offer its customers a balanced perspective on the market. In addition, personal contacts in the financial sector worldwide and is the key to his advantage to get market information
Of the nation’s most respected economic journalists have asked John in recent years, their views on the market.

Source: http://www.forex.in.rs/john-person-biography-famous-traders/

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