Trader Quote #11…

Trader Quote #11 

” You may not understand it fully right now but the market is always right.” Unknown

=== What do you think? pretty simple but profund. right? I never truly understood this quote when i began trading but now i live by it!  It takes time, experience, losses, winners, busted accounts, skyrocketing accounts and more experience to fully be in “zen” with this natural law.  I remember how i used to love, blame, doubt, question the market and what it did, now i just dont waste my time anymore on that.

The ‘market did what it did‘, the ‘market is doing what the market is doing‘ and ‘will do what ever it will do in the future‘, my opinion is unnecessary. Recently, I went to the beach and while swimming ,it really helped me see it even in a more simple way. The waves will do their ‘thing’ and you cannot affect that, so just try to adapt and surf what the ocean is giving you.

Trading is like surfing  the waves, the markets sends waves  towards you, dont waste time asking yourself ‘why is there a wave?‘ ‘why is it forming in this or such way?’ just try to surf it! Have a good swim! D.F.====

What do you think? Any experiences or suggestion you want to share? do you agree with the quote?

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