Trader Quote # 13…

Trader Quote # 13

“If you do Not Respect the Market it will Not Respect you.” Unknown

==== Finally!!!! We start the second season of trading for 2012. I’m so excited and ready, these holidays and actually resting from trading this past 1 1/2 was of so much value for me!. Tomorrow we will continue to be bombarded with the usual no? Recession, depression, austerity, the politically-driven-markets right?

This quote is so ‘back to basics’ powerful! Many traders especially the newbies (just as I was once ) don’t have or dont even know how to Respect the Market and get crushed. The market is a money machine… and its main objective is to use its ‘invisible hand’ to give or take –  the perfect ‘0’ sum game. It is as powerful force of the many, as in natural events out there.

By ‘respect the market or it will not respect u’, it reminds me, to be humble and know that i can not control its direction. Add to that, All the ‘So called” money  and digital numbers out-there are a whole universe in itself &  if you include derrivates, pfff ufff, well you get 2 universes.  The Markets  can ‘rise’ my boat or sink it to the bottom of the sea! So respect the ocean!, if you know what i mean.

Risk management is your ‘compass’ and your ship  is your ‘ account’ . Have a great weekend and Best Luck Trading !!! D.F.====

What do you think of this quote? how do you respect the market forces? any experiences you want to share? 

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