Trader Quote #17

Trader Quote #17

“Trading provides one of the last great frontiers of opportunity in our economy. It is one of the very few ways in which an individual can start with a relatively small bankroll and actually become a multimillionaire.”
-Jack D Schwager

==== About 15 years ago, foreign exchange trading was only available for the big money – hedge funds, banks, sovereign funds, pension funds etc. With the open access to retail traders the total daily volume has skyrocketed!

Now, with the arrival of retail trader, the more experienced traders have suckered in the small ones. With there setups and algorithms the retail trader is at a certain disadvantage. It doesn’t mean you cant make money, you have to invest in education & technology to be a small step ahead to be profitable.

The opportunities are great for the “small guys’ because of leverage (you can more   100- 1000 times your equity), but as its commonly said, its a double edge sword. With the appropriate risk management and mind, we can fight and survive the battle trading the money machine. Dimitri F.====

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