World Stock Exchanges – Bermuda

Bermuda Stock Exchange

BSX logo.png

The Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), established in 1971, is currently the world’s leading fully electronic offshore securities market[citation needed]. The 2010 BSX ‘Year End Review’ report stated that the exchange’s aggregate market capitalization (excluding mutual funds) stood at $USD319 billion.[1]

A breakdown of the securities listed on the BSX is given below:

Asset Class Number of Securities Percentage of Total Listings
Collective Investment Vehicles 322 39.9%
Derivative Warrants 399 49.4%
Domestic Main Board Companies 11 1.4%
Domestic Small Cap Companies 4 0.5%
Fixed Income 10 1.2%
International Company or Secondary Listing 34 4.2%
Insurance Linked Security or Program 17 2.1%
International Company and Mezzanine 11 1.4%
TOTALS 808 100%

The exchange specializes in listing and trading of capital market instruments such as stocksbondsmutual fund (including hedge fundstructures) and depository receipt programs.

The BSX has been granted approved stock exchange status under Australia’s Foreign Investment Fund taxation rules and effective September 1, 2005 was granted designated investment exchange status by the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority.

Bermuda Money

Bermuda Map

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