Trader Quote #22

Trader Quote #22

“Complexity does Not mean Profitable ” Unknown

==== This is related to yesterday’s article “The Dangers of “Analysis Paralysis” and this quote is a straight to the point.  When learning and engaging in a new field, the truth is that we are “overwhelmed” with terminology that we are not familiar with in any career or en devour. 

I like to joke with my friends saying that “when going to University seems like they tell you a Huge Riddle – Semester by semester they give you a small clue – “it has windows,  it has metal , it has plastic and finally  its useful! By the last semester they tell you – “oh by the way,  we have been talking about a Car all along the way!” Lol “)

I guess if you analyse the basic , most primitve structure of any field they start out with simple concepts and complicate it with time to sound very intelligent. In trading it is the same, sounds complex with many weird and “sophisticated” terms but its simple in its core and functions.

Same with our trading platforms, indicators, oscillators. The more tools doesn’t automatically mean better. Some trader make the big mistake of place two or more indicators that read/signal the same aspect (trend, momentum etc)

Choose one from each category! Complexity doesn’t precisely mean profitability & efficiency .

Keep that in mind even if you are beginner or expert in the Markets! Dimitri Feria ====

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree? Do you trade with complexity?

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