Trader Quote #24

Trader Quote #24

“The market doesn’t know your emotions or care about your portfolio. The market is moving on. And so should you.” – Terry Savage

==== Yup! Thats right, life goes on & so does the market. It doesnt care to know about your emotions (being a trader &/or in a business) , doesnt care about your results & it just keeps on moving along through time. 

When trading, we are constantly under a wide variety of emotions & sometimes this could be difficult to grasp because at the end of the day we are emotional humans (animals). The market doesnt care what time you woke up, if you just had a new born child, if you are in a good or bad mood, it moves the way it moves.

In a way, the market does not discriminate!

Having this in mind, an emotional attachement to your trading is of little or no value. The market is going to go the way its going to go. You can not  predict its future, you just have to have the patience to surf its wave. Dimitri ====

What do you think? Do you have emotional attachment to the market? Do you agree/disagree?

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