Historical Wheat Prices – 1912 – 2013 (101 Years Data)

Historical Wheat Prices – 1912 – 2013 (101 Years Data)


Wheat prices rallied 107.00 USD/BU or 17.29 percent during the last 12 months. Historically, from 1912 until 2013, Wheat averaged 341.1 USD/BU reaching an all time high of 1281.3 USD/BU in March of 2008 and a record low of 43.3 USD/BU in September of 1932. The European Union, China, India, United States and Russia are the biggest producers of wheat in the world. THe United States is the biggest exporter of wheat (27% of total exports in 2010/11 fiscal year), followed by the European Union (17%), Australia (14%) and Canada (13%). Wheat Futures are available for Trading in The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT® ) which was established in 1848 and is a leading futures and futures-options exchange. More than 3,600 CBOT member/stockholders trade 50 different futures and options products at the CBOT by open auction and electronically. This page includes a chart with historical data for Wheat.


Wheat 1912- 2013 w/Trend, Mean & Max Image

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Wheat 2000- 2013 w/Trend, Mean & Max 


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